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Magellan Technology

MAGELLAN is a range of digital counter intercom systems based on innovative technologies. MAGELLAN systems are suitable for all kind of desktops, information booths, points of sale, receiving desks, ticketing counters… wherever glass disrupts conversation between people. Thanks to their innovative features: noise reduction, anti-larsen, echo cancellation, MAGELLAN is the best intercom solution for applications requiring perfect voice transmission even in the most difficult acoustic conditions. To accommodate the hard of hearing (HoH) people, the combination of these systems with an induction loop can be done.

ATEÏS Technology


ATEÏS is an expert in development of electronic solutions for the Voice-Alarm, Commercial Audio and Communication.

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Penton Technology


PENTON has the largest range of Public Address and Voice Alarm speakers on the professional audio market.

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Xavtel Technology


XAVTEL develops digital audio, conference system, conferencing speakerphone and DSP audio processor.

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Terracom Technology


TERRACOM offers a wide range of IP products allowing you broadcasting and managing easily messages and audio streams.

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Messenger Pro Technology

Messenger Pro

MESSENGER offers a line of Intelligent Acoustic Solutions specially designed for areas with difficult acoustic conditions caused by modern architecture using hard and reflecting materials.

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Velox Technology


Velox is our brand of Fire Detection & Alarm Equipment.

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