Voice Alarm Systems

Voice Alarm systems also called Voice Evacuation systems are essential to ensure the security of people in public buildings. The ATEÏS Voice Alarm systems are designed in compliance with the EN54 standard.

From the smallest to the largest applications, we provide several solutions for voice evacuation, paging, public announcements and background music. Our Voice Alarm systems can also be used every day as a Public Address system, in this case we name it PA/VA (Public Address / Voice Alarm) system.

Find out our Voice Evacuation systems and select the best adapt to your project: PRIMA VA is the new ATEÏS self-amplified compact system with built-in amplifiers, IDA8 is a network PA/VA system with specific attributes for compliance in large installations, DIVA is a compact PA/VA system with 2 channel audio distribution for paging and background music and BOUTIQUE is a compact and self-amplified PA/VA system available in rackable and wall mount versions.


IDA8 System

DIVA System

Boutique System