Company History


New entity in Spain

After our very successful presence in the Spanish market and realization of numerous prestige projects, we have decided to take a big historical step and to create ATEÏS Europe Subsidiary in Spain.

ATEÏS Iberia S.L. is taking care of the market in Spain, Portugal and Andorra.



Following our successful expansion, we are busier than ever before, but we aren’t stopping. Our flagship projects in the past years such as Paris Metro, Zürich Airport, Stadium of Geneva, Head Office of UNESCO, Zagreb "Franjo Tudjman" Airport, Signal Iduna Park and IKEA Bayonne are just some examples of how we've been leading the way forward into 2020. As we look forward towards the future, our PA/VA Public Address and Voice Alarm products must adapt to the needs of our consumers and the trends of the world, but now, even faster than before. The main focus on all industries is environmental impact and the spotlight is on everyone. Now, multinational companies like ATEÏS must take the lead in researching and developing even more eco-friendly products whilst retaining efficiency.



The market expansion of ATEÏS has grown rapidly in Europe, we see the ideal future opportunities by entering new market segments. ATEÏS has recruited new sales and business development partners to open up access to new markets and customer service in the Nordics & Baltics, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Turkey, Spain, Portugal and North Africa.



As ATEÏS has become a leading company within the PA/VA Public Address and Voice Alarm industry, more and more prestigious projects have been completed including the U.S. Capitol, Eiffel Tower, Stade de France, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Amsterdam Central Station, just to name a few. In the meantime, we listened carefully to our customers and their market demands, developing a truly intelligent PA/VA system to meets our clients’ expectation. In 2015, we introduced the completely new BOUTIQUE PA/VA system, which is suitable for any size of installation projects. The basis of BOUTIQUE will also be "easy to use" and "easy to integrate", as well as an eco-friendly product with extremely low power consumption.



The new PAX ProAV Group is formed to better reflect its leading market positioning in professional voice evacuation, pro audio, AV DSP and conferencing. Within the PAX ProAV Group, the company's established products including, MESSENGER PRO, TERRACOM, PENTON, ATEÏS and XAVTEL will be marketed as distinct brands.

Optimizing their potential as specific solutions in an integrated systems’ design, the PAX ProAV Group will provide dedicated sales and support teams targeting the brands’ individual market sectors, and offer solutions while providing our sales and technical personnel with a wealth of experience to be used while offering support, product training, project design along with relevant sales to our customers.



The period of the standards has put high pressure on manufacturers to adapt their electronics and loudspeakers to the EN54 standard, which ATEÏS has proven to be capable of, with full flexibility. With over 30 speakers and 2 VACIE sets, DIVA8 and the new powerful IDA8 controller, ATEÏS is ready to compete, while complying with the EN 54-16, EN54-24 and EN54-4. With audio over IP, fiber-optic and copper in various redundant modes, networking has become ATEÏS’ new signature. With AVB being in preparation, we are ready for the next challenges.



With the acquisition of the Messenger, ATEÏS joined the market for steerable line-arrays, based on DSP-technology and a patent algorithm that have been fully redesigned to meet the industries standards for Voice Alarm, Commercial Audio and Pro-Sound. The IDA4 needed to be updated and the market demands required a change of approach.

DIVA8 was first introduced to develop a sophisticated PA system. ATEÏS Group adds offices in the UK, Germany, USA, Singapore and a new warehouse for the European market in the Netherlands!



Audio over IP has become a very common item nowadays. In 2007, this was a state-of-the-art development which proves the strength and knowhow of ATEÏS. Encoding/decoding audio is one thing, but bringing the features that the market needs is another one. The Vox@net software server which is solely developed by ATEÏS, is an audio distribution system for Public Address and evacuation purposes that rests on an Ethernet/IP networking architecture. It is capable of making microphone calls, starting pre-recorded messages or routing music through the network from a central based server and/or operator unit. Again, the integration took place at the SNCF railways for remote zone messaging over IP.



In 2006 ATEÏS was tasked to expand its businesses and to expand their sales outside of the French speaking areas. ATEÏS has established subsidiaries in Switzerland; ATEÏS International SA, for the distribution of products in the European market, and ATEÏS Middle East in Dubai for the distribution in the Middle East and India. Due to the high demands and the booming business in the Middle East, commitments were made to further develop the IDA4 Voice Alarm system, launched at ProLight in Frankfurt in the same year.



ATEÏS leaves in search of a new partner. The market and industry is moving fast and economical production was required in order to survive in the decades to come. It finds a partner in Far East Asia in the form of PCI, one of the world leaders in manufacturing speakers and electronics. Both companies saw the opportunity and, in spite of the distance and culture differences, they decided to join their R&D and manufacturing facilities.

For ATEÏS, this brought an additional top range of speakers and a line of audio matrixes to their portfolio, while giving it access to economic production facilities.

Thanks to this strategy, both partners benefit from each other’s strengths. The leaders of PCI is devoted to DSP development and manufacturing, while ATEÏS remains strong in customized industrialization and European standards.



In 2002, new safety standards were introduced in France, like the ERP that applied for public accessible buildings. Customers like SNCF (French national railway company), the RATP (Paris Public Transportation System) and numerous French airports chose for ATEÏS. All the PA/VA systems were developed based on digital technology architecture and in full compliance with the standard EN60849.



It is the year of the introduction of a whole new counter intercom system, known as Magellan, a by now well known device that is servicing happily at almost every counter desk at the SNCF. After going through European tender, ATEÏS was awarded with the order to develop and manufacture a counter intercom system for SNCF (French national railway company). It was going to be used in a complex environment where high noise levels and bad acoustics made it hard to establish a comfortable level of communication between the counter staff and the passengers that were separated by a glass barrier. Beside the electro-acoustical part challenges, it needed to be vandal-proof and easy to install as well which made it an even tougher job to develop. Acoustic feedback was the biggest problem SNCF experienced with their current simple analogue intercom system. ATEÏS came with a strong solution delivering acoustic echo cancellation, based on an own developed algorithm, implemented using first generation DSP-processors. This avoided the 'feed-back' effect that was caused by the returning sound loop coming from the client's speaker into the client's microphone and repeated at the clerk's side intercom console. This efficient echo-cancellation algorithm in combination with a well designed vandal-proof housing made Magellan a success. "DSP-technology became ATEÏS trade-mark and applied to all their products".


A year later, the two companies were merged and continued their works under the company and brand name of ATEÏS. As solution providers and manufacturers for professional sound systems for PA/VA (Public Address and Voice Evacuation) market, at their new office in ST Martin d'Hères, their business finally separated from the Pro-audio market. The new motivated team had a beautiful future ahead till in the evening of October 17th 2000 a disastrous fire brought the building completely down to the ground! A big setback for the team, but committed as they were to deliver what they had promised to their customer, TGV, they rebuilt their business in less than 2 months, counting on an ambitious and enthusiastic team of people. Shortly after, ATEÏS settled down in Claix with a team that was even more motivated than before.


The SNCF (French National Railway Company) was at the frontier of introducing an advanced automatic announcement system that was first to control the system via computer. For this special application, ATEÏS has developed an audio matrix called SAM 100 & 200. After successful integration at the pilot station of Lyon, it became must-have equipments for many others to follow.

Four years later, the demanding requirements of SNCF has improved the sound quality when their stations have brought ATEÏS to cooperate with a partner called SLVS (Lyon’s association for Video surveillance and PA system), run by Roland Labrosse. SLVS picked up a refurbishment of the PA-systems for the TGV and could use the specialism of ATEÏS, with its experience at the SNCF, to implement their SAM system.

Slowly but surely the company stepped away from the classical 100 Volt distributed sound solutions, creating a whole new standard in the PA/VA industry. Rail companies placed orders at ATEÏS and together with these demanding customers they further developed products for the life safety and voice evacuation market for upper- and underground stations.



Two years later, ATEÏS employs five engineers as the pioneers to develop the transition of computers into broadcast audio-mixers. Our two pioneers have first-launched the computerized mixing tables among the market. Besides that, they also worked on tailored audio solutions covering a niche market. A decade later, the console market started to become stressed with the arrival of major international companies like Yamaha, Roland and others, who destroyed the position of the small European companies. ATEÏS was driven to develop the new markets. In 1995, ATEÏS chose to focus on the two new markets, namely that for theater electronics and Public Address’s announcement systems. For the theaters, ATEÏS produced computerized mixing consoles with motorized faders, which have equipped many stage rooms in France and in Germany. Its ES22T pre-amplifier became a standard requirement for many theaters.



Yes, the one who equipped so many independent radio stations in the 80s...? Nostalgia now, at that time a famous radio adventure where two French engineers in electronics, Robert Seassau and Bernard Charreton, created this mythical radio console.