Customer Support Center - ATEÏS Europe B.V.

How can we help you?

Our ATEÏS Support Team is dedicated to providing our customers with quality and service support.

With ATEÏS Support Center, you will have access to the following features:

  • – Submit tickets to our Support or Sales Team,
  • – Check your tickets status,
  • – Send RMA's request,
  • – Check your RMA status,
  • – Accept or decline your product repairs,
  • – Send questions about your RMA,
  • – Access to software releases,
  • – Check our knowledgebase,
  • – Check our latest (technical) news

How to get access to our ATEÏS Support Center:

All you have to do is to connect our ATEÏS Support Center and to create your user profile to benefit from all advantages of our system.

Connect to ATEÏS Support Center: http://support.ateis-europe.com

For French customers, connection athttps://ateis.freshdesk.com