BOUTIQUE is now EN 54-16 certified!

We are thrilled to announce that our BOUTIQUE compact and self-amplified PA/VA system is now EN 54-16 certified!

The BOUTIQUE system is a highly flexible and self-amplified PA/VA system targeting small to large installations. The system expands from a single controller, capable of as little as 4 zones, to a large networked system of 16,384 zones, making the BOUTIQUE suitable for a wide variety of applications. The small-scale BTQ-VM4 controller offers 4 monitored zones while the BTQ-VM8 controller provides 8 zones with further expandability via the BTQ-SG8 or BTQ-SL8 secondary units. The BOUTIQUE controller comes fully integrated with an internal 250 W or 500 W high efficiency Class-D amplifier, and is also available in rackmount type and wall-mount type.


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