Public Address System

Public Address System

What is a Public Address System?

Public Address System (also called PA System) is commonly used to identify a sound distribution system for public buildings based on microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers and related accessories. 

The system allows voice (live announcements or prerecorded messages), music and other tones to be broadcasted and heard throughout the building or area.

Public Address Systems are often part of Voice Alarm Systems. In this cas it is referred to as PAVA Systems (Public Address and Voice Alarm).

What are typical installations of a PA System?

Public Address Systems are part of everyday lives; wherever we are PA sound system are present.

Typical applications include supermarkets, shopping malls, shops, airports, train stations, subway stations, hotels, schools, leisure centers, house of worship, stadiums, etc, any public venue that require messages or music to be sufficiently audible at a distance.

PA Systems adapt to all building sizes: the number of paging microphones, audio matrices, amplifiers, loudspeakers will be defined according to the scale.

What is the infrastructure of a PA System?

Public Address Systems can be based on Analog solutions (100 Volt line speaker system) or on the Audio over IP technology (combined to 100 Volt or 8 Ohms speakers).


100 Volt line allows sound to be conveyed over long distances using standard cable. With the combination of IP and analog solutions, we can connect to all existing networks, maintaining a third-party system if necessary, and planning large system extensions.

Public Address Systems are commonly used as a part of Voice Evacuation Systems.

ATEÏS Public Address Systems

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