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Zagreb Airport Franjo Tuđman

Franjo Tuđman Airport, also known as Zagreb Airport is the largest and busiest international airport in Croatia. In 2016 it handled around 2,8 million passengers and 10,000 tons of cargo. It now has an initial annual capacity of 5.5 million passengers in the first phase and was officially completed in October 2016. The official inauguration of the terminal was on 28 March 2017. ZAIC (Aeroports de Paris) now operates the entire airport for 30 years. Named after Franjo Tuđman (1922–1999), the first President of Croatia, the airport is located 10 km south-east of Zagreb Central Station at Velika Gorica. A base of the Croatian Air Force and Air Defence is located within the airport complex, in barracks called “Colonel Marko Živković”. An administrative center of the Croatian Air Traffic Control is also situated on the grounds of the airport.