Industrial Low Ceiling Horn

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Industrial Horn Speaker


  • - Designed to be used in place with restricted ceiling heights and where far throws are requested
  • - Perfect for traffic tunnels and industrial purpose
  • - High SPL
  • - High directivity
  • - High intelligibility
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The LCS 70T has been specially developed for use in tunnel applications. The LCS70T is a typical exponential horn suitable for use at low ceiling heights or in projects where a large range of speakers is important.

The LCS 70T is made from a reinforced fiberglass-epoxy composite and features a powerful 2 "compression driver that can deliver up to 117 dB, and its shape and structure allow it to be used in demanding applications such as motorway tunnels or parking garages Voice evacuation is a good location for the LCS 70T.

Due to the dimensions, the effective range can be between 40 and 70 m, which means that the project requires fewer amplifiers and delay lines than conventional horn speakers. This helps to reduce the overall cost of the project, and the lower number of speakers increases the Q factor, resulting in better intelligibility throughout the system.

The LCS 70T has an extended bandwidth of up to 8 kHz and can thus reproduce speech in situations where the acoustic conditions are unfavorable and the demands on the system are correspondingly high in terms of high quality and fidelity. Speakers with high directivity require less amplifiers and signal processing, thus reducing the cost of the project.

The LCS 70T is a typical symmetrical exponential horn (the length of the horn is in exponential connection to the surface) which uses the mounting surface as a guide for the sound waves. This allows a "half cell" design to be used that reduces the required mounting height, which benefits projects with very low ceilings.

In the right frequency band for a certain size, the horn provides the driver with a relatively consistent acoustic load. This helps both the output level, the uniformity of the playback of different frequencies and is the property that makes this type of horns so effective.

The LCS 70T should be mounted against a large and flat surface used as a guide for the sound waves. The small horizontal opening angle of only 30 degrees guarantees that the Audio signals are not affected by lateral disturbances, thus increasing the maximum possible distance between two horns.

  • Boundary effect, low-spill
  • Increased repeating distance
  • Long-horn, straight patterns
  • 2-inch compression driver
  • High-SPL
  • High-directivity
  • High intelligibility
  • SPL: 104 dBa @ 20 m


  • 100/70/50 Volt transformer Maximum power: 70 Watts RMS, Two ceramic terminals with M20 PG12 screw connection
  • Max. SPL: 132 dBA @ 70 Watts
  • Frequency response: 300 Hz - 8 kHz
  • Horizontal opening angle @ 1 kHz: 30 degrees
  • Vertical opening angle @ 1 kHz: 15 degrees
  • Sensitivity 1 W / 1 m:
    • 112 dB @ 500 Hz
    • 120 dB @ 1 kHz
    • 116 dB @ 2 KHz
    • 108 dB @ 8 KHz

    • Q-factor @ 1 kHz:
      • 250 Hz = 7.3
      • 500 Hz = 14
      • 1 kHz = 30.5
      • 2 kHz = 38
      • 4 kHz = 38
      • 8 kHz = 38
    • Requirements for external High-pass filter: 250 Hz, 2nd order (filter not included)


    • Material: Glass fiber reinforced flame retardant polyester
    • IP: IP56
    • Colour: RAL7004 (dark gray)
    • Dimensions (L x W x H): 1340 x 840 mm x 300 mm
    • Weight: 23 kg
    • Mounting: 8 x M12 holes
    • Splash guard Front: stainless steel grill
    • Traffic tunnels
    • Industrial sites
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    [PDF] LCS70T_Datenblatt