Vox@ IP Modules


Amplified IP Audio Decoder

- Perfect solution to broadcast on 2 low impedance speakers

- Amplified decoder (4/8 ohms) for 2 zones

- Allows source selection when combined with a RAC remote controller

- Built-in message reader (mp3 or WAV PCM)

- Act as a 2 zones matrix when associated by using Vox@Net audio software

  • Amplified IP Audio Decoder (0)
  • Amplified IP Audio Decoder (1)

Vox@SP is an IP audio decoder with 2 mono amplified independent outputs. Connecting Vox@SP directly to the speakers avoids set up of an amplifier and reduces clutter, making it a true cost-effective solution.

The device is directly connected to the network thanks to a standard RJ45 interface. A built-in web browser interface allows simplified control and programming of the unit.

The DSP based architecture enables management of new codecs.

SIP protocol enables compatibility with the standards of digital telephony.

Contact inputs can be programmed as logic, selector or analog mode for actions triggering, source selection or gain adjustment. Contact inputs and relay output are fully programmable and can be managed locally or via a VNB control protocol.

Vox@SP can be used as:

  • An IP audio decoder for 1 or 2 zones,
  • A source selector by combining it to a RAC wallmount remote controller,
  • An amplified message reader triggered by a contact input.

In addition, using Vox@net g2 audio software enables Vox@SP to act as a 2 zones matrix.

  • Vox@SP: 2 x 40 W max mono outputs + 2 IP audio decoders + 4 contact inputs + 1 relay output
  • 2 mono amplified outputs
  • 2 IP audio encoders (Unicast, Broadcast, Multicast)
  • 2 message readers
  • Internal 100 MB storage for message and music playback
  • SIP user agent
  • VNB Framework control protocol for interaction with other devices (including HTTP)
  • Event scheduler
  • Vox@ range and Vox@Net compatible
  • Ethernet interface RJ45 10/100 Mbit/s 
  • 4 contact inputs
  • 1 static relay output (isolated transistor)
  • LED: Ethernet Link, Gobal Fault
  • External 24 VDC power supply
  • Maximum 24 VDC power consumption: 2 A, 100 mA in stand-by mode
  • Operating temperatures: -20°C to +50°C
  • Weight: 0.24 Kg
  • Dimensions (DxHxW): 93 x 30 x 70 mm
Typ Datei-Name Downloads
[PDF] Vox@_Brochure
[PDF] Vox@SP_Datasheet
Typ Datei-Name Downloads
[PDF] Vox@_Brochure
[PDF] Vox@SP_Datasheet

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