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  • - DDB104 is the main network connection box between the DCP1000 digital conference processor and the CDM delegate units
  • - Transfers data and power to the CDM delegate units
  • - Ring connection makes the whole System completely redundant
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The DDB104 Mic Junction Box is the heart of the digital 64 channel audio network of Senator system, it connects to the CDM-Net-Loop card equipped in the DCP1000 processor. With the 2 connection ports on the two side of DDB104, the redundant network loop which used with Xavnet can be achieved for the highest safety demand in case of cable disconnection. The 4 mini XLR connections on rear side of DDB104 are used to connect up to 4 delegate units (CDM1000, CDM-T5 etc.), and up to 63 DDB104 boxes can be cascaded to a single CDM-Net-Loop card placed in the DCP1000 processor.

The cable connection of DDB014 can use either CAT5/6, Fiber Optic (Multi Mode and Single Mode) or even with one of each per side, allowing flexible system setup and distance capability among several rooms. The DDB104 can either be powered via the CDM-Net-Loop cables (audio, data and power supply) or be powered with an external PSU.

System Features

  • Up to 504 delegate units and 64 DCA660 amplifer can be connected to a single DCP1000
  • Up to 32 DCP1000 can be connected via the 64 Ch. Xavnet digital audio network
  • Each connected delegate unit will be processed individually and all parameters will be stored in the DCP1000
  • Enhanced DSP functions such as 8 band PEQ, AGC, Feedback Suppressor, Gain sharing auto mixer and Voice Activated Gate etc.
  • Optional AEC-Card (Acoustical Echo Cancellation) can be installed in the DCP1000, enabling SIP and VoIP for distance and web conferencing
  • Special features like auto Mix-minus calibration, USB recording, 6Ch. simultaneous translation on board
  • Interpretation integrated in same system, no optional IR system required
  • Ease of use and setup with auto network deploy and special drag 'n' drop functions with the Senator Designer software


DDB104 Features

  • Connect up to 63 DDB104 in one CDM-Net-Loop card
  • 2 CDM-Net-Loop is possible in one DCP1000 processor
  • 4 XLR microphone connectors to connect to delegate units
  • 2 types of CDM-Net-Loop connection: CAT5 up to 328 ft (100M) or Fiber Optic (Multi Mode or Single Mode) up to 6561 ft (2000M)
  • LED signal for indication of CDM-Net-Loop status


  • Local power: 24 VDC, 3.81 mm Euro-Block
  • Power Consumption: 230 mA, 5.5W
  • Maximum supply*: 6A

Front Panel

  • Four active mic channel LEDs
  • 2 mic link LED for CDM-Net-Loop
  • A Power LED

Side Panel

  • 2 types of interface for CDM-Net-Loop:
  • RJ45 connector + powerpole connector (24 VDC)
  • Fiber optic connector + powerpole connector (24 VDC)

Rear Panel

  • 24 VDC, 3.81 mm Euro-Block connector for external power supply
  • 4 mini-XLR connectors for microphones

Maximum cable length

  • 328 ft (100m) for CAT5
  • 6561 ft (2000m) for Fiber Optics

Dimension & Weight

  • Width: 3.6" (92 mm)
  • Depth: 6.9" (175 mm)
  • Height: 1.5" (37 mm)
  • Weight: 3.1 lbs (1.4kg)


  • PANTONE 7546C


  • Operating temperature: 23ºF ~ 131ºF (-5ºC ~ 55ºC)
  • Storage temperature: -40°F ~ 158°F(-40°C ~ 70°C)
  • Relative humidity: 5 % ~ 70 % noncondensing


  • CE marked, UL listed, RoHs Compliant

* Normally, the power of DDB104 mic junction box is supplied by processor, but if large amounts of DDB104 boxes are connected, the external power supply will be necessary. However, the maximum current for CDM-Net is 6A.

Xavtel Senator application

  • Enterprise Meeting Room
  • Education Institution
  • Conference Rooms with Simultaneous Interpretation
  • University and Campus Applications
  • Or any other project which requires a secure, high fidelity integrated conferencing system
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