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Digitaler Konferenzprozessor


  • - Digitaler netzwerkfähiger Konferenzprozessor mit AGC, 8-Band-PEQ, sprachaktiviertem Gate, Hoch-/Tiefpassfiltern, Rückkopplungsunterdrückern und
  •   Gain-Sharing-Automischer und AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation)
  • - Die branchenweit erste Technologie der automatischen Mix-Minus-Kalibrierung, die in DCA660 integriert ist. Sie passt automatisch die erforderlichen Parameter an, um eine Rückkopplung des Systems für jeden Raum zu verhindern
  • - Drittanbieter Steuerung für Kameras und Projektoren...
  • - SIP und VoIP Funktionalität
  • - USB Aufnahme
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The Senator system is a fully integrated digital conference, AEC distance and web conference system, combined in a single DSP unit. With a single DCP1000 processor, it is possible to connect up to 504 Delegate Units via 63 DDB104 Mic Junction Boxes and up to 64 DCA660 digital 6Ch. amplifiers. The integrated 64Ch. Xavnet Audio Network connects to the CDM-Net-Loop Cards guarantees a high speed performance and can be cabled in a redundant. An entire system can connect up to 32 DCP1000 processors via the optional DCP-Net-Loop cards, which are available with either CAT or Fiber Optic connections.

The state-of-the-art audio quality is guaranteed by the fact that each microphones can be individually processed with AGC, 8 band PEQ, Voice Activated Gate, Hi/Lo Pass Filters, Feedback Suppressors and Gain sharing auto mixers and AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation). The industry first technology of auto Mix-minus calibration will automatically adjust the suitable parameters to prevent the feedback of the system for every room. The processor has another independent balanced Line In/Out channel, allowing to either connect a microphone to the output to any audio mixer, or to integrate the Senator system to an existing video conferencing system (optional AEC-Card needed).

The DCP1000 also contains an RS232 port for 3rd party control (cameras, projectors, etc.) and uses the Ethernet port for either the control and programming of the Senator system, or as the interface to provide VoIP and SIP functionality if the optional AEC-Card is installed into DCP1000. The USB port on the front of DCP1000 provides the ability to record a whole conference. Up to 6 channels of simultaneous translation are integrated into the system.

  • Up to 504 delegate units and 64 DCA660 amplifer can be connected to a single DCP1000
  • Up to 32 DCP1000 can be connected via the 64 Ch. Xavnet digital audio network
  • Each connected delegate unit will be processed individually and all parameters will be stored in the DCP1000
  • Enhanced DSP functions such as 8 band PEQ, AGC, Feedback Suppressor, Gain sharing auto mixer and Voice Activated Gate etc.
  • Optional AEC-Card (Acoustical Echo Cancellation) can be installed in the DCP1000, enabling SIP and VoIP for distance and web conferencing
  • Special features like auto Mix-minus calibration, USB recording, 6Ch. simultaneous translation on board
  • Ease of use and setup with auto network deploy and special drag 'n' drop functions with the Senator Designer software
  • Interpretation integrated in same system, no optional IR system required
  • Distance between microphones junction box is up to 330'(100M) - CAT5 or 66k'(20KM) using fiber optic
  • Optional AEC card for remote intercom and teleconferencing via phone line or VoIP.
  • CE marked, UL listed and RoHS compliant


  • Mains power : 100~240VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption : 12 watts

Each DCP1000 Limits

  • Maximum number of microphone : 504
  • Maximum number of amplifier in total : 64
  • Maximum number of DCP1000 networked : 32

Networking & Processing

  • 8 conference microphone audio channels
  • 26 interpretation audio channels max (in 32 unit DCP1000 networked)
  • AGC, 8 band PEQ, Gain-Sharing Auto-Mixer, Voice activated Gate, Hi/Lo Pass Filters, Feedback Suppressors

Audio Characteristics

  • Frequency response : 20Hz~20KHz, +0/-1dB
  • THD+N : <0.05% (20Hz~20KHz @+4dBu)
  • SNR : >85dB (20Hz~20KHz @0dBu)
  • Crosstalk (Between XLR and RCA @1KHz) : @0dB Gain, +3dBu In : < -85dB & @48dB Gain, -45dBu In : < -75dB


  • A/D-D/A Converters : 24Bit
  • Sample Rate : 24/48KHz


  • Dimensions (W x D x H) : 19" x 8-1/4" x1-3/4" (482mm x 210mm x 44mm)
  • Weight : 5.5lbs (2.5Kg)

  • Enterprise Meeting Room
  • Education Institution
  • Conference Rooms with Simultaneous Interpretation
  • University and Campus Applications
  • Or any other project which requires a secure, high fidelity integrated conferencing system
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[PDF] Senator System_Brochure
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