Underground Parking Lot and Floors

PA system for parking

The underground parking lot and floors require the installation of a sound system which is capable to broadcast the emergency evacuation in accordance with the EN54-16 standard. The system must perform the audio distribution including messages/music playing and the emergency evacuation on the all parking spaces, stairs and gate access. The parking lots are often subject to the acts of vandalism therefore the speakers are anti-vandal made.


- Messages playing and clear PA evacuation

- Background music

- Scheduler and events (informative messages and commercial broadcasting)

- Coverage of 1 to 8 areas, either 2 to 16 speaker lines (A/B)

- Paging calls by area and/or general call

- 2 music sources (CD/tuner/satellite radio/audio of the commercial gallery etc)

- Installation of anti-vandal speakers

- Communication with the commercial gallery to which is attached the parking lot


- Compact and economic solution for small to medium sized installations

- Modular system according to EN54 standard


The BOUTIQUE Public Address System ensures the sound ambience and multi-zone paging in accordance with the requirements of the EN54 standard. The BOUTIQUE controller BTQ-VM8 offers 8 monitored speaker zones. The processor embeds powerful Digital Signal Processing (DSP), a digital message player and a monitored fireman microphone. It is capable to monitor the amplifiers, loudspeaker lines, and allows to switch the spare amplifier automatically. its system control software enables the function to distribute the event scheduler such as informative messages and commercial broadcasting. It uses the external amplifiers (speech and music) for a set of speakers ranging up to 500 W.

The 8 keys DPM-MAIN remote paging console allows the distribution of advertisements, the selection of zones/groups of zones, as well as a key general call.  These keys can be easily configured via BOUTIQUE web browser interface. 

This application uses one DPA2500 which is an external amplifier (speech and music) for all the speakers. It integrates 2 channels of 500 Watts. This amplifier is Class-D digital power with extremely low power consumption (0.2 W per channel) during standby mode, and high amplification efficiency of 90%.

The BCU-4830A is a battery charger designed for secured backup and power sharing of BOUTIQUE Systems and external power amplifier. It charges lead acid batteries and monitors the battery status simultaneously. It can maximize the capacity utilization of the 4 battery cells and increase their longevity. The main power output of BCU-4830A is 30 A max. and the maximum charging current of BCU-4830A is 3 A.

The CELL10T/EN sound projector is suitable for parking spaces, and the SENTRY6ST/EN speakers are for stairs and access gates. These speakers are also EN54-24 certified.

The connection with the commercial gallery cane made either via an IP interface TERRA-EX or via a link 0 dB. The TERRA-EX is an IP PoE audio Decoder. It comes with 2 balanced line outputs, 1 relay output and 3 control input contacts making the TERRA-EX an ideal IP solution for any applications that require a simple device to take digitized audio from a network and provide an analogue output with I/O control.

Application example

Underground Parking Lot and Floors