Public Address system for stores

A sound system is essential to create an engaging music atmosphere for your store. It will help you to design a lively space where your customers will not hesitate to return. Thanks to your store sound system you will be able to broadcast music, announcements and information to the public. For a user-friendly installation, we will provide a compact system with integrated amplifiers and audio sources. Staff do not need additional training. This solution will meet the needs to multi-zone equipment at a real competitive price.


- Background music distribution

- Live announcements

- Simple use


- Compact system with integrated amplifiers and audio sources

- Economical solution

- Ease of use


The UMA240 is a compact sound system which is ideal for commercial and multi-input applications, music broadcasting or live announcements. This system offers 5 independent zones for a maximum total power of 240 Watts. This 2 U unit can be integrated in 19'' wide racks freely positioned. This 5 zones system includes: 1 x amplifier of 240 Watts, 1 x FM reader,  x USB reader, 6 x audio input (one of them is priority) and 5 x 100 Volts output. This mixer amplifier is designed for total 6 inputs (channel) applications. 5 of 6 inputs have its own level control on the front panel, while the 6th level control is on the rear panel. It is convenient for the user to operate. Besides, there is 1 Master control of output volume and 2 tone controls: Bass and Treble. Its potentiometers and buttons on the front panel simplify the use of the system.

A monozone console located at the store home allows to broadcast live announcements on the overall system.

The suspending spherical speakers GB20/T are dedicated to the sales area. Thanks to their power: 20 Watts / 100 Volts, these speakers provide a wide sound coverage and are especially suitable for large volume with high ceilings. Their acoustic qualities make them an excellent choice for voice and music broadcasting. The GB20/T are delivered with a connecting cable which simplify their installation to the ceilings.

The weatherproof sound projectors CAD10/T with a power of 10 Watts / 100 Volts equip the reserve zone. The speakers offer an excellent level of quality and price. The CAD10/T are manufactured from an ABS molded, low smoke zero halogen UL-94V0 plastic with UV inhibitors, with dual cone drive units, giving both clear speech and excellent background music reproduction. The units are delivered with a stainless steel U bracket for a quick installation.

The low cost round ceiling metal speaker RLS5/T is ideally suited for the offices area. These speakers are integrated into the ceilings. The RLS5/T are made of a metal housing and a fabric cover on the back. Thanks to its spring clip, the mounting of these products is very fast. Their poser is: 6 Watts / 100 Volts.


In the sales area, install a GB20T/EN speaker at a height between 3.5 and 5 meters for 200 m2.

In the reserve area, install a CAD10/T speaker every 100 m2.

In the offices area, install a RLS5/T speaker very 50 m2.

Application example